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If you desire a hot woman for parties; then Dana is just right for you. She is brunette with slender figure, fine bosom and long legs.
Being a model, she is well aware of night clubs, dance parties and high profile people in the city. She can take you to those social events; introduce you to some big-wigs who can help you professionally in your job or your business.
She will pose as your stunning girlfriend throughout party and later make intense love in bedroom. Madrid escolta She holds specialization in whole body kissing, shower experience, indulging in erotic games with you and finally opening herself to let you in. She can give you pleasure in KS, missionary even perform a fantastic oral job too.
Not only she is well contacted in high profile social circle; but also aware of famous spots where you can have maximum enjoyment such as bars, pubs etc. Overall, she is perfect escort to pick up for Friday/Saturday or if you are really happy and want to celebrate your happiness with someone special. She would be right there like a true friend who really cares about you.
Please call us or drop an email to get a date with this hot brunette. 

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My sex story

I still remember that winter night. It was chilling cold outside and I have to entertain an influential Russian politician which I couldn’t refuse. As I went out, my car got stuck in snow, and on top of that there were no transport visible too.   When no vehicle arrived for half an hour, I decided to walk on foot. Thank god, his hotel was not far away. When I entered his apartment, I was shivering with cold. 
The politician looked at me quite sympathetically. He made me a drink to calm my nerves and made me site near fire camber.  With heat, the color started to come in my face.   After 10 minutes, the politician came to me again with a glass of wine with some chicken sausages. It was first time; I was looking at him closely. The guy was quite decent looking like any middle aged man. He was bald, fat and was very polite while talking.  He told me honestly that his wife was not interested in sex and it was his first time that he was going to have sex outside marriage. He didn’t want to but his wife had left him no choice.
I really felt sympathy for him. In a spontaneous moment, I came close to him and kissed him gently on his lips. He got naughty this time and put his hands on my breasts. Soon, his hands move inside my skirt and touched flesh of my breasts. He kept on fondling my nipples; I got really excited at this. I pushed him to bed, came on top of him and started kissing his lips feverishly. His hands found zip of my dress. He unzipped my skirt and then removed my bra and panty too making me fully naked.
After that, he overcame me and started kissing all over my body. He hold me firmly in his arms while his lips rolled over my neck, flat stomach and my legs. In last, he spread my legs and put his tongue inside my vagina.  I cried with excitement when he rolled his tongue inside my vagina and soon my pussy became completely wet. I started panting heavily with excitement. He came on top of me and laughed to look at my reaction. I put him down over me forcefully like a wild cat and sit accurately on his cock. Now, I start riding his cock while he squeezed my beautiful tits. I kept on riding his cock   till he ejaculated inside my body. Both of us achieved our sexual nirvana at the same time.

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